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Ayahuasca is a mixture of various plant species arising in the Amazon area. For centuries, the natives have used this mixture in their rituals for healing and divination. Nowadays, ayahuasca is utilized all around the world for spiritual, therapeutic and personal development functions.

Ayahuasca History

The association between the individual species and crops capable of changing mind and body is millenarian. Individuals have developed a harmonic connection with those plants, and often they’ve had a wonderful influence on the cultural and human development of several cultures and societies.

Using ayahuasca originates in the Amazon area in countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. Since before recorded history, natives have used this botanical mix within their own rituals for treating or divination, in addition to other activities like witchcraft and war. It’s understood that at least among those plants utilized from the ayahuasca preparation was used for millennia.

Ayahuasca has a fundamental part in these civilizations’ world perspectives.

The widespread use of ayahuasca isn’t limited to the native inhabitants of the Amazon; it may also be found from the mestizo populations in the urban and rural areas of nations like Colombia, Costa Rica, and Brazil. In these areas, ayahuasca is employed with the intention of recovery and other ritualistic activities, in which the boundaries which divide native traditions from parts of different cultures are often blurred.

Approximately eighty decades back, non-indigenous teams who integrated using Ayahuasca in their religious rituals started appearing in Brazilian cities at the Acre and Rondnia State. Santo Daime, Unio do Vegetal, and Barquinha would be the most representative religions which first arose in the Brazilian Amazonian cities and afterward expanded across the major Brazilian cities in addition to Europe, the USA, and Asia. The spiritual use of Ayahuasca by those groups is characteristically syncretic, where components from Christianity, Afro-Brazilian religiosity, and native shamanism are mixed together.

From the fifties, the consciousness of the occurrence of ayahuasca distributes to western culture. Ever since that time, using ayahuasca began to disperse into occidental civilization gradually, and new contexts of usage seemed, like the usage in psychotherapy and personal development. These days, using ayahuasca has globalized considerably and has been incorporated increasingly more into modern contexts.


As a result of the international growth of ayahuasca, you will find a large and increasing number of classes using ayahuasca for different functions, chiefly people of religious, psychotherapeutic, personal growth and healing.

The religious use of ayahuasca from the ayahuasca-churches is syncretic, which means that they combine elements of distinct religious colleges, for example, Christianity, Afro-Brazilian spiritual practices, and native shamanism.

Others traveling to Amazonian nations like Brazil, Peru or Colombia to encounter ayahuasca in the conventional ritual circumstance, or in facilities that provide various applications which include the use ayahuasca. Additionally, there are sessions arranged by indigenous shamans in Europe and the US, amongst others.

It ought to be highlighted that using ayahuasca is becoming more and more important in psychotherapy conducted by western guides and therapists. Within this circumstance, the consumption of ayahuasca, generally in class settings, has curative functions and can be accompanied by a process of integration and preparation of their experience according to psychotherapeutic techniques. These groups are often concentrated on personal growth and the deepening of this healing procedure, in addition to healing from particular processes like melancholy depression, dependence, etc..

Other classes unite components of western psychotherapy within the context of this ayahuasca session itself, producing ‘neo-shamanic’ ritual contexts that normally include components from oriental philosophies. These classes are often organized by men and women which have been connected with ayahuasca in addition to additional self-development tools, such as yoga and meditation.

It’s apparent that using ayahuasca has globalized as well as the contexts and purposes of usage are as varied as the individuals and groups which use it.

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