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Kaia Roman from the Mediumhas just released a fantastic review on “Sh*t The Moon Said,” a book about sex, drugs, and ayahuasca by author Gerard Armond Powell. This book covers a transformational experience through the help of plant medicine. Click the book to read the review.

shit the moon said ayahuasca book by gerard armond powell

New Updates on Shit The Moon Says

Life After Shit The Moon Said

Shit The Moon Said - Jeff McNairy

Sh*t The Moon Said is the nonfiction chronicle of my business partner and close personal friend Gerard Powells life changing experience with plant medicine, and how it led to us founding Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica. The book familiarizes readers with the concepts of plant medicine and soul separation, as well as giving an example of the type of transformation that plant medicine can provide.

Read More of Life After Shit The Moon Said.

Shit The Moon Said on The Mancow Show

Shit The Moon Said

Mancow talks with author Gerard Powell about his book Shit the Moon Said and his trip to Rythmia – Life advancement center in Costa Rica to try Ayahuasca.

Listen to Shit The Moon Said on Mancow

Interview with Shit The Moon Said Author Gerard Powell

Shit The Moon Said

We all go through life having grown out of our ways and discover some things that show us what we have really been missing. Gerard Powell knows this journey all too well. From having a troubled childhood and being a high school dropout to building multimillion-dollar businesses, selling them and ending up miserable and suicidal, Gerard has gone through a very interesting journey and came out of it healed and better than ever. Owing it to plant-medicine, his discovery led him to having an amazing and balanced life. Now, he is the author of?Sh*t the Moon Said

Hear The Complete Interview – Shit The Moon Said.

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